Lanel Modransky Haj and Villas

Modrany is a phased residential development situated on the southern edge of Prague. The first phase with 200 apartments and houses, has been successfully completed. Construction of both Phase 2 and Phase 3 is now on-going with completion of the first units achieved at the end of 2019. The overall development comprises 420 units and is expected to complete in 2021.

The development has been designed to provide an attractive, spacious and varied development, taking full advantage of both the green environment in which it is built but also the topography, managing to offer homes with spectacular views across the City of Prague. There is a wide range of apartments and houses, all designed and built to provide spacious low rise living, a product that is rare within the Prague City administrative area. Each home will have a balcony or private garden area, secure parking and the development enjoys access to the national forest immediately to the south of the site.

Prague, Czech Republic

2021 expected